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Stretch Hooder

The state of the art BestPack® Stretch Hooder allows for an environmentally safe, cost effective, energy saving, and convenient procedure to protect your palletized materials.

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Unique Attributes:
• The stretch hood film allows for safe transportation and storage of your products. Palletized products have never been so secure as it is with the Bestpack Stretch Hooder.
• The film is well suited for printing a logo, company name etc., which allows for promotion during distribution of the pallet loads.
• Pallet loads that have been packaged in a stretch hooding machine are secured effectively for transportation. The load is kept tightly together by a tight film which prevents the load from shifting.
• The unbroken stretch hood film reduces the risk of theft, as the goods can only be accessible by cutting the film open.
• Our stretch hood principle utilizes packaging with film without the use of heat. This method minimizes energy consumption and eliminates any risk of fire or explosion.
• Since this is a custom built machine, any other features can be added accordingly, depending on your packaging needs.

• Stretch tube hooding is cut and sealed with BestPack’s® patented bar sealer knife..
• Seal is air-cooled insuring a consistently strong seal.
• Vacuum cups open the formed hooding while four grippers pull the hood over the whole pallet and releases the film over and under the pallet edges.
• Includes central lifting device for pallet.
• Includes photo sensors to automatically determine the pallet size.
• Output: Up to 60 pallets per hour.
• PLC logic controlled.
• Maintenance free, oil-less air cylinders.
• A pallet load secured for transportation leaves the hooder as a new pallet load enters.
• Heavy-duty construction.