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Carton Sealers

The BestPack® MSD Series Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealers is our most popular and top of the line operator-fed and adjusted carton sealing machine designed to cater to the needs of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications.

The BestPack® MSDBF sealer is a unique combination of a packing, flap folding, and carton sealing station. This machine, which features an extended sidedrive system and attached 3 flap folder, enables a person to erect, package, flap fold, and seal a carton all in one station.

This machine comes with a pop-out tape head. The two side belts are driven by two electric motors. The units are designed with a four leg support structure.

• All units are available in standard finish or stainless steel.
• Available in 3″ tapehead.

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